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Last Chapter Meeting of the Season- Monday, April 2nd

501(c)3 non-profit organization serving southeast New Hampshire

Don't Miss the Last Chapter Meeting of the Season!
When: Monday, April 2nd, 6PM
Where: Roundabout Diner Function Room, Portsmouth Traffic Circle
What: Guest Lecture, Raffles

April 2
                      Short Presentation:Rick LaRiviere, "Rebirth: Nature's Restorative Powers." 

                     Rick is the President of Saco Salmon Restoration Alliance. His presentation is about the changes documented after removing a man-made dam on Cooks Brook a tributary of the Saco River.  His team frequented the area for two years following the removal to document the changes.  No restoration efforts were made beyond the barrier's elimination.  They witnessed nature's powerful abilities to heal itself once the man-made obstruction was removed.  

                     Rick LaRiviere grew up in northern NH and have been an avid fly tier, angler and hunter all of his life.  He owned and operated Talon Outfitters (hunting and fly fishing outfitter/guide service) and The Archers' Edge (archery pro shop) based in Shelburne, NH.  

                      After the 2008 economic downturn, he left the region and returned to New England as quickly as possible.  He now bounces back and forth between northern NH and southern Maine.  Arundel, ME is where I spend the majority of my time, making my living as a cabinetmaker.  He has served as president of the Saco Salmon Restoration Alliance since 2014 and cherishes and deeply appreciates the opportunity to work with such an amazing species [as the endangered Atlantic salmon] and the people he works with who obviously share that sentiment.  

                     Saco Salmon Restoration Alliance
                     PO Box 115
                     Saco, ME  04072

                     Phone: (603) 915-0651
                     Email: sacosalar@gmail.com

                     Web: www.sacosalmon.com
                     Facebook: www.facebook.com/saco.salmon 

                  Guest Speaker:  Ron Sowa, "Just in Time, Cinder Worm Spawn!"Fly Fishing Striped Bass on Rhode Island’s Salt Ponds during the Cinder Worm Spawn!


                     Ron Sowa will give a presentation on the Cinder Spawn and Fishing Striped Bass during the spawn.There are a few great salt ponds located in Rhode Island that offer a great experience for the fly fisher.Come and learn many great tips on locations, flies, equipment and when the best times to fish the Cinder Worm Spawn.A quick 2 hour trip south will give you plenty of Striper action. Many anglers call it different names, “The Swarm” “The Hatch” or The Spawn” but all will agree that it’s exciting and full of action, no matter if you are fishing from the land or on the water all are very productive.I have been fortunate to fish the Cinder Worm Hatch with many seasoned fly fishers, many have been fishing Rhode Island’s salt ponds for over 20 years.Whether you fish from the Shore, Boat, Kayak, Canoe you will find this presentation very valuable.

                       Ron Sowa has been a licensed NH Fishing Guide since 1989 and is the Executive Director New Hampshire Wildlife Federation, past President of the Merrimack River Valley TU Chapter and a member of Trout Unlimited since 1987, Fly Fishers International North Eastern Council VP, Fly Fishers International board member, New Hampshire Operation Game Thief board member and NH Guides Assoc. board member.

Election Time Again!
We will be electing Vice President and Treasurer in April and nominations are being accepted.
Our current VP, Dave Fritz, has thrown his hat into the ring for reelection, and is nominated, but the floor is open for additional nominations. If interested please contact John Silverio at jsilverio@orcsd.org                          
                          VICE PRESIDENT (Duties from Bylaws)
                             Section 3: The Vice President shall serve in the absence or inability of the President to act in the general administration of the Chapter. 

Our chapter Treasurer Chris Rieder is stepping down after his term so our Great Bay association will need to appoint a treasurer to take over in September 2018.  The term runs for two years with the option of staying on for an additional two.  The board will assist the new member in acclimating to the new role.  Please see the attachment for the responsibilities and duties associated with the treasurer position.  It’s important for the chapter to get new members in these leadership roles, since new members typically bring new ideas which keeps an organization growing and moving in the right direction.  If interested please contact John Silverio at jsilverio@orcsd.org

                          TREASURER (Duties from Bylaws)

                          Section 4: The Treasurer shall have custody of all funds and property of the Chapter.  The President, or Treasurer, may sign and execute in the name of the Chapter, all contracts, agreements and other obligations of the Chapter, subject to the approval of the Board of Directors. When necessary or proper, he/she shall endorse on behalf of the Chapter for collection, all checks, notes, drafts and other obligations and shall deposit same to the credit of the Chapter in such bank or banks as the Directors may designate.  He/she shall cause to be entered regularly in the books of the Chapter to be kept for the purpose, full and accurate accounts of monies received and paid on account of the Chapter, and whenever required by the Board of Directors, shall render a statement of his/her cash account. The Treasurer shall also:

                          A.     Keep full and accurate accounts of monies received and paid on account of the Chapter, give a financial report at each meeting of the Board of Directors, and whenever required by the Board of Directors, render a statement of the Chapter’s accounts and report to the membership.
                          B.     Submit a complete Annual Financial Report (AFR) for the chapter to Trout Unlimited prior to the deadline set by Trout Unlimited.  The AFR will be in compliance with the policies and requirements of Trout Unlimited and will contain a complete and accurate accounting of all revenues, expenses, volunteer hours by members of the Chapter and any additional items prescribed within the AFR form. 
                          C.     The Treasurer will also make all necessary filings with the Internal Revenue Service and state and local authorities.
                          D.     Upon request, permit access to the Chapter’s books, records and accounts by any Chapter Officer, Director or designated representative of the State Council and/or Trout Unlimited.

Come enjoy some of the great food and drink available at the Roundabout Diner, some informative speakers, exchanging fishing stories with your friends, make some new friends, and perhaps win one of our regular meeting raffles.  

Check out the new Trout in the Classroom video on our Trout in the Classroom page https://greatbaytu.blogspot.com/p/trout-in-classroom.html

   Great Bay Trout Unlimited 2017 – 2018

   Chapter Meetings and Presenting Speakers

Meetings:    First Monday of the month October until April at the Roundabout Diner, Portsmouth Bypass from 6:00 until 8:00ish in the Function Room.  Come early, order dinner or a beverage and meet with friends.  Door raffles each month.  Donations for presentations accepted at the door.

October 2        Short Presentation:  Wendy Nixon – President updates.
                          Guest Speaker:  David Van Wie presenting, The Confluence – Fly Fishing &    
                          Friendship in the Dartmouth College Grant.  davidvw@maine.rr.com

November 6   Short Presentation:  To be announced
                         Guest Speaker:  Lou Zambello presenting, 20 Great Places to fish in New England
                         that you may have never heard of: Covers many species for the fly fisher including    
                         salmonids, bass, pike, and other species.  louzambello@gmail.com

December 4   Short Presentation:  To be announced
                         Guest Speaker:  Nate Hill presenting, Fly fishing New Hampshire waters.

January          No Chapter meeting in January.

February 5    Short Presentation:  TBA
                       Guest Speaker:  Dan Harrison of Harrison Anglers, "Targeting Big, Wild Brown Trout in Western Massachusetts Rivers"

March 5       Short Presentation:  To be announced.
                      Guest Speaker:  Rick Little presenting, Adventure Trip to Southwestern Montana,
                      focusing on several beautiful rivers in this area. Shadcreekflies@gmail.com

April 2          Short Presentation:  To be announced.
                     Guest Speaker:  Ron Sowa presenting, TBD.  reelnhfishing@aol.com


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Monthly Meetings

When:  GBTU chapter meetings are held on the first Monday of every month, from October till April.  All are welcome to attend and we encourage you to bring friends and family.  

Time: Meetings start at 6pm and typically last till 8pm.  However, with our new meeting location, many members show up at 5pm, grab a bite to eat, drink an adult beverage, tie some flies, and talk tall tales of their fishing adventures.

Where:  Roundabout Diner.  Rte 95 & Rte 1, on the Portsmouth Traffic Circle

Costs:  All of our monthly meetings are open to the public (TU members and non-members), and there is no charge for attendance.  However, in recognition of our efforts to host monthly meetings, and our continued efforts in the areas of local conservation-restoration-education, we kindly suggest making a cash donation (at each meeting we simply pass the hat). All cash donations are welcome, but typical donations range from $5-$10, per person.  In advance, thank you for your continued support of Great Bay TU.  

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