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Dover Middle School Outdoor Pursuit Group Enjoys a Day on the Cocheco River
Grownups can learn too.

Tying at the bench.
Looking for bugs. 

Teaching others to tie.
Not just for boys!
Former program participant paying it forward

It was a great day on the river with the Dover Middle School Outdoor Pursuit Group. The kids met after school, one a week for an hour and 45 min with John McKernan and Mark Seymour to learn to cast, tie knots, untie wind knots and tie fishing flies.

On Sunday we met the kids and their parents in the Middle School parking lot at 9:00AM for a day out on the Cocheco River.  We had one alumnus from the program; Thomas is now in the 10th grade.  Not only is Thomas a graduate of the Outdoor Pursuit Program he also attended the TU Kids Camp in Pittsburg.  Thanks for coming and helping out.

We started our morning looking for and collecting bugs. Later we tied flies based on what we found in the water.  Lots of buggy looking flies resulted.  They still need a lot of practice but as we told them, “the fish don’t care as long as it looks like food.”

 After tying we practiced casting, untying wind knots and tying fishing knots. A lot of wind knots…

Then lunch, boy can those kids eat! Where do they put it all?

After lunch it was time for the kids to garb their gear and head to the Cocheco River to put their new skills to use.  After many casts one of the kids was able to hook a fish.  We explained to them that this is fishing.  Catching is just a bonus to the time spent outdoors.

Thanks to Dover Middle School, Great Bay TU, and the volunteers for making this a fun day. But most importantly we'd like to thank the kids who worked all year to learn the skills they needed and the parents for coming to meetings and driving the kids to these events. Now get out there and fish!

Planting the seed and paying it forward is what we do.

Thanks again to all that helped out;
Great Bay TU; Equipment
Brian & Carrie Swienton; Guides and photographer
Brian and Liz St. Cyer; Guide and kid wrangler
Wendy Nixon; Photographer
Weeklies’ Pizza
And last but not least, Fran Meffin; Dover Middle School Afterschool coordinator.

After School Programs

John McKernan with Great Bay Trout Unlimited and Brian McGurty of St. Mary's Academy spent the afternoon on a small section of the Bellamy River in Dover fly fishing as part of an after school program.  The young boys also learned to tie flies and brought them with them to "catch the big one"!   Wendy Nixon was also on hand to give a few casting instructions. The afternoon was part of a great learning experience applying the knowledge and skills taught after school on the river.  

Fly Tying OpportunitiesTying opportunities in the area:

Three Rivers has on going tying events (
Eldredge Brothers has ongoing classes (
Main Street Art Center, 1st and 3rd  Thursdays each month75 Main Street, Newfields, NH 03856            

Sustaining our Mission Through Education

Great Bay Trout Unlimited is committed to sustaining cold water fisheries by:
  • Engaging Youth - Tomorrow's Leaders
  • Engaging the public to appreciate the beauty and importance of cold water resources
  • Aiding our Educators with hands on programs like Trout-in-the-Classroom
  • Providing Opportunities & Teaching Skills by which the public can appreciate and enjoy these precious resources.


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