501(c)3 non-profit organization serving southeast New Hampshire

Great Bay Trout Unlimited
P.O. Box 1121 

Dover, NH 03821

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Board Officers
2.  Board Directors
3.  Governance & Office Duties
1.  GBTU Board Officers

John Silverio

(603) 969-4184

Vice President: 

Dave Fritz
(603) 702-2986


Paul Spendley


Chris Rieder
(603) 439-5346

2. GBTU Board Directors

Trout in the Classroom Coordinator:  
Currently, Mark leads our education initiatives, which includes the Trout in the Classroom programs.   Previously, Mark was our GBTU President and Vice President.  Outside of GBTU, Mark is a NH Fish & Game certified fly fishing instructor. He was born in Madrid, Spain, and after many years of traveling around the world with his parents and four siblings, his family settled in Portsmouth, NH.  He graduated from Portsmouth High School and then continued his education at the University of New Hampshire.  After 1.5 years at UNH, Mark left college to become a commercial fisherman (ask him how he caught a 1,000 lb Blue Fin Tuna with a hand line!).  When he was not at sea, Mark swung a hammer and as a result, he quickly realized what he wanted to do with his life.  He went back to college and earned a degree in architectural drafting and he is now the successful owner of Seymour Woodworking.  He is happily married, lives in Dover, NH, and is the proud father of two children.

Mark Seymour

Assistant Education Coordinator:  
John is actively involved in all GBTU education initiatives.   He is a certified FFF casting instructor, and a NH Fish & Game certified fly fishing instructor.  He is a native of Dover, New Hampshire and graduated from Plymouth State College, earning a B.A. in education.   He spent 37 years as the Dover High School physical education teacher, and head football/basketball coach.  Before retiring, he created the outdoor pursuit program at Dover high.  This program affords students the opportunity to learn about fishing, camping, trekking, archery, canoeing/kayaking, rock climbing and lots more.  John is recognized as a leader within the seacoast community, and is a valuable member of the GBTU educational team. 

John McKernan

Event Coordinator:

Wendy Nixon


Mitch Kalter

3.  Governance & Office Duties

Currently GBTU has four elected officers: President, Vice President, Treasurer & Secretary. All are elected to 2 year terms. The duties of these officers are as follows:


Presides over all meetings, appoints committees, and shares fiduciary responsibilities with the treasurer with access to bank accounts and check writing. Typically is responsible for representing the chapter at official functions, or with state and national TU officials. He/she is the general chief 
executive officer of the chapter.

Useful Talents/Skills:

  • Rudimentary knowledge of Robert’s Rules (how to run a meeting)
  • Some organizational skills, being able to use a To-Do List or Calendar to make sure things are getting done in timely fashion and using these skills to set up meeting agendas.
  • Ability to balance a check book.
  • Can do attitude, needs to set a tone for the board and chapter membership.
  • As a general rule internet access and email are essential to be an effective officer or board member.

Vice President:

Serves functions of the President in his/her absence. Assists the President with administrative duties.

Useful Talents/Skills:

  • Same as for President above


Keeps financial records for the chapter and has bank account access and check writing responsibilities. Files the Annual Financial Report (a TU National online report) and registers with the IRS as required by law for nonprofits. The treasurer helps coordinate the budget and chapter programs and events.

Useful Talents/Skills:

  • Ability to balance a check book and keep receipts for accounts up to date and organized.
  • Internet access and some ability to do online banking.
  • Basic knowledge of Quick Books type of computer applications or motivation to learn their use will be a big time saver for this office.


Keeps minutes of all meetings, and records of volunteer hours for the board and membership throughout the year. He/she is the custodian of all records, papers and files of the chapter.

Useful Talents/Skills:

  • Note taking ability is helpful
  • Some typing ability(30-40 words/minute) helpful
  • In general Officers should expect to spend several hours a week on chapter business on average; the President perhaps a bit more.

Board of Directors:

The Board of Directors consists of the four officers above and at least three other individuals elected by the board to serve to help plan, manage and administrate the business of the chapter. Board members usually serve on committees with specific charges such as event and program planning, fund raising, etc. The new Board members are elected by the Board, and under current bylaws have no set term, but may be voted off the Board by a 2/3rdvote of the Board for cause. The Board meets monthly during the active meeting season, and less frequently during the summer months. The Great 
Bay TU Board of Directors currently has eight members.

Useful Talents/Skills:

  • A passion or interest in a particular area such as education, conservation, communication, public relations, event organization and/or fund raising.
  • Willingness to lead or take charge of or oversee specific projects and attend monthly board meetings and/or report to the appropriate officer (s) in a timely fashion.
  • Can do attitude.
  • Some imagination and innovation
  • In general Directors will spend several hours per month working on chapter business on average. Time devoted is directly proportional to personal involvement and is therefore more controllable than for the four officers. 

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