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501(c)3 non-profit organization serving southeast New Hampshire

Registration is Now Open for the 2017 NHTU Trout Camp for Kids

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What is Trout Camp for Kids

NH Kids’ Trout Conservation Camp is a program of the New Hampshire Trout Unlimited State Council (a 501c3 nonprofit organization). The camp teaches appreciation and stewardship of cold water fisheries through conservation activities, aquatic ecology and fly fishing instruction. When funding is available, camp is conducted for 5 days annually in June or July in Pittsburg, NH.  In 2013, the program seeks to select ten youth (ages 13-16 yrs) for participation in the co-ed camp based on their essay about the importance of fisheries preservation and a recommendation letter from a teacher/counselor. The camp’s staff and instructors are all trained volunteers that provide references and undergo a criminal background check. Youths and staff are provided lodging, meals, transportation and equipment. The equipment is donated or provided at cost. Youths are given fly tying kits and a rod/reel to continue their endeavors after camp. Our volunteer staff fundraises year-round to ensure that financial assistance is provided when needed so that every selected participant can attend.  

Trout and Eco-Education

The trout and salmon fisheries at the headwaters of the Connecticut River in NH are threatened by weather incidents and human activities. In order to preserve the fish habitat for generations to come, riverside restoration (culvert repair, shoreline tree planting), appropriate habitat management and responsible use of the waterways are critical. Moreover, the next generation needs to become aware of the fragile fisheries habitat and what practices will protect waterway’s eco-structure. Each youth that experiences Trout Conservation Camp influences numerous peers and armed with knowledge and passion for fly fishing will become our next generation of environmental activists, teachers and scientists.  

Daily Activities

During the 5 days at NH Kids’ Trout Conservation Camp, youths will perform a stream/river restoration activity supervised by the Upper CT River Trout Unlimited Project Coordinator for the Home Rivers Initiative. In 2013, 130 saplings are being acquired to restore a river bank dangerously eroded by recent hurricane weather for this activity. The campers will also conduct in-stream aquatic analysis under the direction of the NH Fish & Game Coldwater Biologist to log information into the ongoing survey of the habitat in a threatened section of the CT River and experience hands-on learning about fish habitat and river viability. A NH Fish & Game Conservation Officer will conduct a discussion about enforcement of laws and careers in conservation. Twelve Volunteer NH Licensed/Certified Fishing Guides/Instructors will conduct classroom and on-river instruction about fish habitat (food sources, water quality and structure), water safety, catch and release practices, and fly fishing technique

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