Welcome to Great Bay Trout Unlimited
501(c)3 non-profit organization serving southeast New Hampshire

Page Contents:

1.  Misson and Vision
2.  Conservation
3.  Strategic Plan: 2011-2013
4.  Chapter Bylaws

1.  GBTU Mission and Vision

To conserve, protect and restore southeastern New Hampshire’s coldwater fisheries and their watersheds.

By the next generation, Great Bay Trout Unlimited will ensure that robust populations of native and wild coldwater fish once again thrive within their southeastern New Hampshire range, so that our children can enjoy healthy fisheries in their home waters.

2.  Conservation

Trout Unlimited's Conservation Approach

Protect:  Through land conservation, easements, and by policy and legislative initiatives, protect the still remaining intact cold water rivers and streams.

Reconnect:  Remove unnecessary dams and repair culverts which block fish passage and natural stream drift. Ensure proper fish passage in necessary dams and bottom emptying dams where possible. Provide the ability of fish to migrate throughout the river system as needed. Ensure adequate flows.

Restore:  Fix what is already broken. Replant riparian zones and eliminate sources of point source, non-point source pollution, erosion and sedimentation. Repair stream beds that have been altered to replace the normal steam features of riffles, runs and pools. Remove trash and restore necessary woody debris and clean gravel for spawning.

Sustain:  Ensure that the above efforts are ongoing through education of the public, government officials, and our youth. Support all of the efforts above with fundraising.

3.  Strategic Plan 2014-2016

Protect: Conservation easements, conservation purchase, land/riparian conservation advocacy.                                                
Restore: Stream restoration, cleanups, watershed improvements.

Reconnect: Dam removal, culvert improvement, river crossing improvement, fish passage.                   
Advocacy: This includes all policy work, agency relationships, planning committees, etc.

Communications: Includes meetings, blog, Facebook, emails, phone calls, etc.              

Fundraising: Self-explanatory.                                                        

Engagement: This includes all general education, outreach, direct member solicitation and retention activities.                                                        
Youth Education & Outreach: Youth River Day, after school programs, Trout in the Classroom, BSA, Amy’s Treat Days, etc.                                                          


Objective 1:  Ensure good collaborative working relationships with the regions land trusts and land conservation organizations. 

Strategy 1a:  Continue to develop our relationship with Strafford Rivers Conservancy by holding an annual event with them and having GBTU representatives attend their annual dinner, as well as inviting SRC members to GBTU events throughout the year.

Timeframe:  Ongoing
Champion:   Wendy Nixon, Kevin McEneany

Strategy 1b: Continue to develop relationship with Greenland and Brentwood Conservation Commissions through the conservation projects in those watersheds. 

Timeframe:  Ongoing
Champions:  Rob Wofchuck, Mitch Kalter, Rich Collins

Strategy 1c: Continue to develop relationship with Exeter watershed land conservation organizations through development of Exeter River cleanup.

Timeframe:  Ongoing
Champions:  Mitch Kalter, Rob Wofchuck

Objective 2:  Ensure completion of protective easement on both banks of the Cocheco River at Watson Dam. 

Strategy 2a:  Working closely with Dover Open Lands Committee, identify and negotiate with landowners to show them the importance of completing the protective easement.  Planting, cleanup, waste receptacles, and signage. 

            Timeframe:  Ongoing
            Champions:  Mark Seymour (through Dover Community Trail Committee)
                                  Larry Eller (CRLAC representative)

Objective 3: Maintain awareness of land protection projects and initiatives in GBTU region.

Strategy 3a:  Maintain close relationship with Piscataqua Region Estuaries Partnership (PREP) to gain perspective on regional land conservation projects and initiatives.

Timeframe: Ongoing
Champion:  Mitch Kalter on PREP committee representing GBTU 


Objective 4:  Focus on rivers in the Great Bay watershed.  Three rivers of choice to begin with will be Cocheco River at Watson Dam (The Cocheco River is a tributary of the Piscataqua River, 38.3 miles long.  Cities:  Dover, Rochester, Farmington); Lamprey River at Wiswall Dam (It rises in Meadow Lake in Northwood, and flows south, then generally east past Raymond, Epping, Lee and finally Newmarket); Isinglass River (The Isinglass River is a 15-mile-long river in Strafford County in southeastern New Hampshire).

Strategy 4a:  Utilizing cleanup programs, restore where indicated and approved, encouraging youth groups and community support, and education.

Timeframe:  2014-2016 when change of rivers to be discussed.
Champion:  Wendy Nixon, Jooson Kim, Tom Rochette

Objective 5:  Encourage membership and community awareness and participation in river restoration through increased river cleanup programs.

Strategy 5a:  Continue river cleanup events where the need is greatest, encouraging youth groups and community support.

            Timeframe:  Ongoing
            Champion:   Vice President


Objective 6:  Actively pursue a high profile role in the region for restoring fish passage in the region.

Strategy 6a:  Aggressively pursue Thompson Brook (Winnicut watershed) culvert restoration project through grants and local/regional support.

Timeframe:   Continuing through 2016 or until project complete.
Champions: Mitch Kalter working with F&G (Ben Nugent) and TU National (Colin Lawson), Rich Collins

Objective 7: Maintain awareness of potential additional fish passage or dam removal projects in the GBTU region, and provide advocacy, support and active participation where indicated from organizations including CRWC, PREP, TU State Council, ERLAC, LRWA, ORWA, CRLAC, etc.

Strategy 7a:  Encourage active reporting to Board of Directors by membership and those serving on regional boards and organizations as noted above.

Timeframe: Ongoing
Champions:  President

Strategy 7b:  Establish liaison with NH F&G to remain awareness of regional dam and fish passage issues.

Timeframe: Ongoing
Champions:  Mitch Kalter


Objective 8: Maintain and grow active youth/adult education and outreach programs including Youth River Day, Trout in the Classroom, suitable after school programs, and, Amy’s Treat Days.

Strategy 8a:  Increase the number of youth for Youth River Day (up to 50 children from ages 11 to 16 rotating booths of tying, casting, etymology, and river instruction) for an annual event through Outdoor Pursuits program and/or local schools.

Timeframe:  Annual, ongoing
Champions: John McKernan, Mark Seymour, Wendy Nixon, Let’s Go Fishing Program

Strategy 8b:  Incorporate Youth River Day concept into BSA fly fishing merit badge initiative.

Timeframe:  Annual, ongoing
Champions: John McKernan, Mark Seymour, Wendy Nixon, Let’s Go Fishing Program

Strategy 8c: Maintain current numbers of TIC projects and try to grow program by 2 classrooms per year.

Timeframe: Ongoing
Champions: Mark Seymour, Judy Tumosa

Strategy 8d:  Continue meaningful afterschool education programs with regional school districts.  Actively pursue local membership in those school areas to participate.  

Timeframe:  Annual, ongoing
Champions: Mark Seymour, John McKernan

Strategy 8e:  Continue Amy’s Treat Day events, 2 events, 10-12 participants each event.

Timeframe:  Annual, ongoing
Champions:  Wendy Nixon (GBTU), Lenore Rogers (Amy’s Treat)

Objective 9: Expand fundraising efforts to generate adequate revenues to support expanding initiatives.

Strategy 9a: Maintain and expand the annual fundraiser event to increase attendance, quality of donations for that event, and advertise to the general public.

Timeframe: Ongoing
Champions:  Jooson Kim

Strategy 9b:  Pursue yearly raffles through chapter meetings or via mail. 

Timeframe: Ongoing
Champions:  Jooson Kim

Strategy 9c: Progressively increase sponsorship for all GBTU events from local businesses to offset direct GBTU expenses.

Timeframe: Ongoing
Champions:  Wendy Nixon

Strategy 9d: Pursue additional fundraising through grants and 1% for the Planet applications. 

Timeframe: Ongoing
Champions:  Wendy Nixon, Mitch Kalter

Strategy 9e: Whenever possible explore collaboration on events with other 501c3 organizations to pool resources and expand limits on the size and scope of events to maximize public exposure and outreach potential.

Timeframe: Annually, ongoing
Champions: Tom Rochette, Jooson Kim, Mitch Kalter, Jonathan Mitchell, Wendy Nixon

Objective 10: Monitor and take appropriate positions on state and national legislation which affect cold water resources.

Strategy 10a:  Stay informed on proposed legislation annually. The Board of Directors will assign this responsibility on an ongoing basis and will process position through NH TU Council policy committee keeping within the guidelines/policies of TU National.

Timeframe: Ongoing
Champions:  President GBTU, NH TU Council (Paul Doshier)

Objective 11: Engage the public.

Strategy 11a:  Develop marketing relationship for purposes of event coverage, exposure, and advertising. 

Timeframe: Ongoing
Champion:  Jooson Kim

Strategy 11b: Choose regional outreach event opportunities in order to sell the vision and mission to the public, which would include, but not limited to, Eldridge Brother casting event; KTP September Fest; Oyster Palooza; Women’s Expo.

Timeframe: Annually
Champions:  Mitch Kalter, Wendy Nixon, Mark Seymour

Strategy 11c: Maintain GBTU brochure in appropriate regional locations.

Timeframe: Ongoing
Champions:  Mitch Kalter, Wendy Nixon

Strategy 11d: Develop a plan for an annual discussion time as part of a chapter meeting for members to be informed of strategic plan and how they can become involved and get ideas from members; giving progress report in 1 year’s time. 

Timeframe:  Annually
Champions:  Jooson Kim, Tom Rochette, Wendy Nixon

Strategy 11e:  Awareness about Blog and Facebook.

Goal:  200 likes by end of fiscal year 2014.

Timeframe:  Annually
Champions:  Mitch Kalter, Wendy Nixon

Strategy 11f: Incorporate/maintain monthly free ticket at Chapter Meeting winner to receive gift card to encourage more members/nonmembers at chapter meetings. 

Timeframe:  Annually
Champion:  Wendy Nixon

4.  GBTU Current Bylaws

Article I. Organization and Purposes 

Section 1: The name of the organization shall be Great Bay Chapter, Trout

Section 2: The purpose of the Chapter shall be to conserve, protect and
restore cold water fisheries and their watersheds.  The Chapter shall operate
as a non-profit, non-political and non-sectarian organization.  The Chapter
shall function exclusively for charitable, educational and scientific purposes.

Section 3: The Chapter is a subsidiary organization of Trout Unlimited, Inc.,
a Michigan non-profit corporation and is under its authority.  The Chapter
shall carry out the aims and purposes of Trout Unlimited and all policies,
objectives and activities pursued by the Chapter and its members shall be in
conformity with the Bylaws and policies of Trout Unlimited.  The Chapter’s
use of the TU name, logo and Chapter affiliation with other organizations and
businesses shall conform to TU policies.

Section 4: The Chapter and all members acting on its behalf shall not
finance, promote or oppose the candidacy of any person seeking election to
public office and shall not participate or intervene in any campaign on behalf
of any candidate for public office.

Section 5: The Chapter shall not conduct or carry on any activities, including
the expenditure of funds, not permitted to be conducted or carried on by a
tax exempt organization under the provisions of Section 501(c)(3) of the
Internal Revenue Code of 1954, as amended.

Section 6: The physical address necessary to conduct the business of the
chapter in the state of New Hampshire, as is currently required for vehicle
registration, property insurance and bank accounts, shall be that of the
presiding President of the chapter. The mailing address of the chapter shall
be determined by the Board of Directors as need requires.

Article II. Membership 

Section 1: Payment of annual dues to Trout Unlimited is the only
requirement for membership in Trout Unlimited and the Chapter.  The
Chapter shall not assess any additional dues or fees and shall not establish
classes of membership.

Section 2: Payment of annual dues to Trout Unlimited shall automatically
make one a member of the Chapter, if the member resides in the Chapter’s
geographical area.  Any Trout Unlimited member in good standing from a
different chapter’s geographic area may elect to become a member of the

Section 3: The By-laws of Trout Unlimited shall govern the suspension or
expulsion of chapter members.

Section 4:  No Chapter or chapter officer, director or member may transfer,
sell, barter, or lease to any person or entity the membership list or the
names, addresses, contact information or other personal information of the

Article III.  Membership Meetings 

Section 1: The Annual Meeting of the Chapter shall be held in the spring of
each year, on a date set by the Board of Directors, for the purpose of
electing officers and Directors. The President shall present an annual report
to the members.

Section 2: Notice of the Annual Meeting must be sent to each member at
least fifteen (15) days in advance. Notice must include the time, place and
agenda of the annual Meeting including the slate of officers nominated by
the Nominating Committee.

Section 3: The Chapter shall hold regular meetings at a date, time and place
chosen by the Board of Directors.

Section 4: Special meetings may be called by the President or Board of
Directors and must be called upon written request of ten percent (10%) or
more of the membership.

Section 5: Notice of the time, date, place and business of all special
meetings must be sent to all members at least seven (7) days in advance.

Section 6: At the Annual Meeting or any special meetings majority vote of
those members in good standing present is controlling. Proxy voting, and
voting by mail is permissible.

Article IV. Board of Directors 

Section 1:  The Board of Directors shall consist of the officers listed in Article
V below and an unlimited number of GBTU members from the general
membership wishing to serve in capacities necessary to chapter function and
voted onto the Board by majority vote of the Board. The non-officer
members of the Board of Directors will have voting rights on the Board as
long as they serve the chapter in the capacity designated by the President or
majority vote of the Board of Directors, and attend board meetings as
required to serve that capacity adequately as determined by the Board of

Section 2: The Board of Directors shall be responsible for the general
supervision of the Chapter’s affairs.

Section 3: The Board of Directors shall meet on a regular basis. Special
meeting may be called by the President or upon the request of at least four
(4) members of the Board.

Section 4: Five (5) members of the Board of Directors shall constitute a
quorum and a majority vote of those present is required.

Section 5: Notice of any special meeting must be given in writing at least
seven (7) days in advance.

Section 6: The Board of Directors may create additional elected offices
should it deem it necessary.

Section 7: Forced termination of a Board Member (non-officer) will require a
two thirds (66%) vote of the entire Board and a statement of just cause
made available to the general membership.

Article V. Officers and Duties 

Section 1: The executive officers of this organization shall be:  a President, a
Vice President, Secretary, and a Treasurer, all of whom shall ipso facto and
ex-officio be members of the Chapter’s Board of Directors. The executive
officers shall be nominated and elected by the membership at the annual
membership meeting.

Section 2: The President shall preside at all meetings; with the approval of
the Board, shall appoint all committees not otherwise provided for; shall be
general executive office; and shall be an ex-officio member of all Chapter

Section 3: The Vice President shall serve in the absence or inability of the
President to act in the general administration of the Chapter.

Section 4: The Treasurer shall have custody of all funds and property of the
Chapter.  The President, or Treasurer, may sign and execute in the name of
the Chapter, all contracts, agreements and other obligations of the Chapter,
subject to the approval of the Board of Directors. When necessary or proper,
he/she shall endorse on behalf of the Chapter for collection, all checks,
notes, drafts and other obligations and shall deposit same to the credit of
the Chapter in such bank or banks as the Directors may designate.  He/she
shall cause to be entered regularly in the books of the Chapter to be kept for
the purpose, full and accurate accounts of monies received and paid on
account of the Chapter, and whenever required by the Board of Directors,
shall render a statement of his/her cash account.

The Treasurer shall also:

A. Keep full and accurate accounts of monies received and paid on
account of the Chapter, give a financial report at each meeting of the Board
of Directors, and whenever required by the Board of Directors, render a
statement of the Chapter’s accounts and report to the membership.

B.  Submit a complete Annual Financial Report (AFR) for the chapter to
Trout Unlimited prior to the deadline set by Trout Unlimited.  The AFR will be
in compliance with the policies and requirements of Trout Unlimited and will
contain a complete and accurate accounting of all revenues, expenses,
volunteer hours by members of the Chapter and any additional items
prescribed within the AFR form.

C. The Treasurer will also make all necessary filings with the Internal
Revenue Service and state and local authorities.

D. Upon request, permit access to the Chapter’s books, records and
accounts by any Chapter Officer, Director or designated representative of
the State Council and/or Trout Unlimited.

Section 5:  The Secretary shall keep the minutes of all meetings of the Board
of Directors and the general membership and keep an accurate and current record of all Chapter memberships.  The Secretary shall assist the Treasurer
in preparing the AFR form.  The Secretary shall send all required notices to
members of the Chapter, as required by these bylaws or otherwise.  Notice
may be in writing or by electronic communication, including fax, electronic
mail or by posting on the Chapter’s web-site.  The Secretary shall also
maintain the correspondence of the Chapter.

Section 6: The Secretary shall keep the minutes of all meeting of the Board
of Directors and the membership. He/she shall keep an accurate and current
record of all memberships. He/she shall be a custodian of the corporate seal
and all records, papers, files and books of the Chapter. Except when
necessary for the purpose of meetings he/she shall not disclose, transfer,
sell, barter, or lease to any person the names or addresses of the members
or the membership list without prior approval of the Board of Directors.
He/shall attend to the giving and serving of all notices of the Chapter, affix
the seal to the documents to which it should be attached, and attest the
same when necessary.

Section 7: The immediate past President shall be an ex-officio member of
the Board of Directors and shall assist the President in the administration of
the Chapter.

Article VI. Election, Term, Vacancy, Termination

Section 1: The Chapter officers shall be elected for two-year terms. Election
of the President and Secretary shall be held on odd numbered years, the
Vice President and Treasurer on even number years.

Section 2: For the first election under these bylaws in 2011, the President
and Secretary will be elected for the full two year term, but the Vice
President and Treasurer for one year terms. All elections thereafter will occur
as provided for in Section 1 of this Article.

Section 3: The Nominating Committee shall nominate members for each
elected office.  Nominations may also be made from the floor at the Annual

Section 4: In the event of a vacancy in any office, the Board of Directors
shall appoint an individual to serve until the next election.

Section 5: A majority vote of those Chapter members in good standing
present at the annual business meeting will be sufficient to elect all officers
and directors and no member shall hold more than one (1) office at any

Section 6: An officer may be terminated for just cause by a two thirds (66%)
vote of the entire Board of Directors and a two thirds (66%) vote from the
general membership in attendance at a chapter meeting or special meeting
with the potential action noticed at least two weeks in advance to members.
Only current Trout Unlimited members will be permitted to vote.

Article VII. Committees 

Section 1: The President, with the approval of the Board of Directors, may
establish standing committees to best serve the needs of the chapter.

Section 2: Committee Chairmen will be assigned at the time of committee
creation. Committee Chairmen will be responsible to report to the Board of
Directors or Chapter Officer, as specified by the President, regarding the
activities of the committee.

Section 3: Committees may be dissolved at the discretion of the President
with approval of the Board of Directors.

Article VIII. Fiscal Year

Section 1: The Chapter’s fiscal year shall be the same as that of Trout

Article IX. Amendment of By-Laws 

Section 1: These Chapter bylaws may be amended at any Annual Meeting or
Special Meeting.  Amendment of the bylaws shall require a two-thirds vote of
those present and voting.  Only current members of Trout Unlimited shall be
permitted to vote.  Any amendment to these bylaws shall be consistent with
the bylaws of Trout Unlimited.  All proposed amendments to the Bylaws shall
require at least two week notice to the members, with the notice specifying
the proposed amendment.

Section 2:   If any amendment of these bylaws is required in order to make
them consistent with the bylaws of Trout Unlimited, a vote of a majority of
those present and permitted to vote shall be sufficient to pass the

Article X. Assets and Dissolution

Section 1: No part of the income, earnings or assets of the Chapter shall
inure to the benefit of, or be distributed to, any member, director or officer
of the Chapter or any private individual, except that reasonable
compensation may be paid for services rendered to or for the Chapter in
effecting one or more of its purposes.  Chapter members, officers and
directors may be reimbursed for expenses incurred for or on behalf of the

Section 2:  All Chapter expenditures shall be broadly consistent with the
mission of Trout Unlimited.

Section 3:  The Chapter may not acquire or hold any new interest in real
property, including easements, except with prior written approval from
Trout Unlimited.

Section 4: Upon dissolution of the Chapter, all assets of the Chapter shall
revert to the State Council.  These assets will be held and/or redistributed in
consultation with Trout Unlimited.

Article XIV. Perpetuity 

Section 1: The Chapter shall exist in perpetuity or until dissolved or

These By-Laws have been officially adopted by the members of the _Great
Bay__ Chapter of Trout Unlimited on this ______12th____________day of
__September____, 2011.
Mitchell E. Kalter, Chapter President (hard copied signed and on file)

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