New Strategic Plan

Draft Update to GBTU Strategic Plan

Here is the draft update of the GBTU Strategic Plan that was announced at the March 6th chapter meeting by President Wendy Nixon. We ask all GBTU members to review the plan and make any comments or recommendations to us at .
The plan will be put to membership vote for approval at the April 3rd chapter meeting as part of our chapter elections for President and Secretary.

Draft Great Bay Trout Unlimited Strategic Plan 2016-2018

Our Mission
To conserve, protect and restore southeastern New Hampshire’s coldwater fisheries and their watersheds.

Our Vision
By the next generation, Great Bay Trout Unlimited will ensure that robust populations of native and wild coldwater fish once again thrive within their southeastern New Hampshire range, so that our children can enjoy healthy fisheries in their home waters through education and bring awareness to our mission.

Protect: Conservation easements, conservation purchase, land/riparian conservation advocacy.                                                           
Restore: Stream restoration, cleanups, watershed improvements.

Reconnect: Dam removal, culvert improvement, river crossing improvement, fish passage.                     
Advocacy: This includes all policy work, agency relationships, planning committees, etc.

Communications: Includes meetings, blog, Facebook, emails, phone calls, etc.              

Fundraising: Self-explanatory.                                                        

Engagement: This includes all general education, outreach, direct member solicitation and retention activities.                                                  
Youth Education & Outreach: Youth River Day, after school programs, Trout in the Classroom, BSA, Amy’s Treat Days, etc.                                                            


Objective 1:  Ensure good collaborative working relationships with the regions land trusts and land conservation organizations. 

Strategy 1a:  Continue to develop our relationship with Southeast Land Trust (SELT) by having GBTU representatives attend their annual dinner, as well as inviting SELT members to GBTU events throughout the year.

Timeframe:  Ongoing
Champion:   Dave Fritz, Roger Stephenson (SELT President)

Strategy 1b: Continue to develop relationship with Exeter watershed land conservation organizations through development of Exeter River cleanup.

Timeframe:  Ongoing
Champions:  Dave Fritz, Rob Wofchuck

Objective 2: Maintain awareness of land protection projects and initiatives in GBTU region.

Strategy 2a:  Maintain close relationship with Piscataqua Region Estuaries Partnership (PREP) to gain perspective on regional land conservation projects and initiatives.

Timeframe: Ongoing
Champion:  Jeff Barnum on PREP committee representing GBTU 


Objective 3:  Focus on rivers in the Great Bay watershed, including the Cocheco River Lamprey River, Isinglass River, Exeter River and Bellamy River

Strategy 3a:  Utilizing cleanup programs, restore where indicated and approved, encouraging youth groups and community support, and education.

Timeframe:  2016-2018 when change of rivers to be discussed.
Champion:  GBTU BOD

Objective 4:  Encourage membership and community awareness and participation in river restoration projects and river cleanup programs.

Strategy 4a:  Continue river cleanup events where the need is greatest, encouraging youth groups and community support.

            Timeframe:  Ongoing
            Champion:   GBTU BOD


Objective 5: Maintain awareness of potential additional fish passage or dam removal projects in the GBTU region, and provide advocacy, support and active participation where indicated from organizations including PREP, TU State Council, ERLAC, LRWA, ORWA, CRLAC, etc.

Strategy 5a:  Encourage active reporting to Board of Directors by membership and those serving on regional boards and organizations as noted above.

Timeframe: Ongoing
Champions:  President

Strategy 5b:  Establish liaison with NH F&G to remain awareness of regional dam and fish passage issues.

Timeframe: Ongoing
Champions:  Mitch Kalter


Objective 6: Maintain and grow active youth/adult education and outreach programs including Youth River Day, Trout in the Classroom, suitable after school programs, and, Amy’s Treat Days.

Strategy 6a:  Increase the number of youth for Youth River Day (up to 50 children from ages 11 to 16 rotating booths of tying, casting, etymology, and river instruction) for an annual event through Outdoor Pursuits program and/or local schools.

Timeframe:  Annual, ongoing
Champions: John McKernan, Mark Seymour, Wendy Nixon, Let’s Go Fishing Program

Strategy 6b: Maintain current numbers of TIC projects and try to grow program by 2 classrooms per year.

Timeframe: Ongoing
Champions: Mark Seymour, Judy Tumosa

Strategy 6c:  Continue meaningful afterschool education programs with regional school districts.  Actively pursue local membership in those school areas to participate.  

Timeframe:  Annual, ongoing
Champions: Mark Seymour, John McKernan

Strategy 6d:  Continue annual Amy’s Treat Day and On Belay events with 8-10 participants for each event.

Timeframe:  Annual, ongoing
Champions:  Wendy Nixon (GBTU), Lenore Rogers (Amy’s Treat), Joshua Corbin (On Belay President)

Objective 7: Expand fundraising efforts to generate adequate revenues to support expanding initiatives.

Strategy 7a:  Pursue ongoing raffles through chapter meetings. 

Timeframe: Ongoing
Champions:  GBTU BOD

Strategy 7b: Progressively increase sponsorship for all GBTU events from local businesses to offset direct GBTU expenses.

Timeframe: Ongoing
Champions:  Chapter President and assigned BOD members

Strategy 7c: Pursue additional fundraising through grants

Timeframe: Ongoing
Champions:  Wendy Nixon, Mitch Kalter

Strategy 7d: Whenever possible explore collaboration on events with other 501c3 organizations to pool resources and expand limits on the size and scope of events to maximize public exposure and outreach potential.

Timeframe: Annually, ongoing
Champions: Mitch Kalter, Dave Fritz,  Wendy Nixon

Objective 8: Engage the public.

Strategy 8a:  Develop marketing relationship for purposes of event coverage, exposure, and advertising. 

Timeframe: Ongoing
Champion:  GBTU BOD

Strategy 8b: Choose regional outreach event opportunities in order to sell the vision and mission to the public, which would include, but not limited to, Eldridge Brother Expo; KTP September Fest; Dover Maker’s Fair. CCA Tackle Flea Market

Timeframe: Annually
Champions:  Mitch Kalter, Wendy Nixon, Mark Seymour, John McKernan, Dave Fritz

Strategy 8c: Maintain GBTU brochure in appropriate regional locations.

Timeframe: Ongoing
Champions:  Mitch Kalter, Wendy Nixon

Strategy 8d: Develop a plan for an annual discussion as part of the first seasonal chapter meeting for members to be informed of strategic plan and how they can become involved and get ideas from members; giving progress report in 1 year’s time. 

Timeframe:  Annually
Champions:  GBTU BOD

Strategy 8e:  Awareness about Blog and Facebook.

Goal:  400 likes by end of fiscal year 2018.

Timeframe:  Annually
Champions:  Mitch Kalter, Wendy Nixon

Objective 9: Develop leadership succession and mentoring program to ensure steady chapter leadership going forward.

Strategy 9a: Reach out to member interests and engage those members to become active event and program leaders.

Timeframe: Immediate and ongoing
Champions: Current chapter leaders

Strategy 9b: Send interested chapter members and/or volunteers to TU Regional meetings on a regular basis.

Timeframe: Ongoing
Champions: GBTU BOD, program leaders and active volunteers

Strategy 9c: Invite members to attend event & program organizational and BOD meetings on a regular basis, especially members expressing particular interests in events and programs they would like to see the chapter adopt.

Timeframe: Ongoing
Champions: Active chapter leadership and volunteers

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